Sunday, 8 May 2011

Random name generation continued

In the previous post about random name generation (which can be found here) I have mentioned an improvement of the described method, and now I have it implemented.

I have modified the original implementation, so that it uses the last two letters for choosing the new letter. I also had to modify the first phase of the algorithm which makes the statistical representation of the "language", now it calculates the probabilities that a letter in a word follows two previous letters.

The names generated with this modified method are more similar to the original sample names, and it happens more often, that it is one of the samples - though it can be helped by using more samples. The length of the generated names is also more close to the average length of the samples, so I have removed the part that generates a new name until the length is neither too short nor too long.

The source code is available as before, and you can try it with the previous sample names for comparison:

Generated name:

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