Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Silliness of the Lambs - DEMO

I have finished the demo for the Android version of The Silliness of the Lambs. You are free to download it, all feedback is welcomed. It contains six levels, and it is fully (or hopefully) playable.

To install the APK file you have to copy it to your device (or download it right there, it's only half MB) and after enabling Unknown Sources it is ready for installation.


It features updated graphics and new levels. I have implemented a level selecting screen, font rendering, and lots of small things to make it a complete game.

After finishing it (making a pile of levels, fixing possible bugs, implementing sound playback and adding sounds and music) I plan to release it on the Android market. Hopefully I can do it soon :)

Title Screen

Sample level

It's cold in here

Another level

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